General information

This Agreement is between Quick Pack Storage Dubai and the relevant individual or company. Residents have toured the area and become familiar with the features and amenities offered by Quick Pack Storage Dubai. Accordingly, Quick Pack Storage makes no warranties or warranties concerning goods stored in Quick Pack Storage. It shall not be liable for damage from access to or using the facility. Residents should note that The Quick Pack Storage does not hold keys to individual rooms and therefore does not accept deliveries or adjustments to stored items.

Security & Safety

Quick Pack Storage Dubai offers 24-hour security, but Quick Pack Storage is not responsible for stolen or misplaced items. Quick Pack Storage also reserves the right to deny entry to anyone within the unit that is determined to be unsafe or who poses a safety risk to Quick Pack Storage employees or other tenants.


The Tenant is responsible for providing the unit with a security padlock and ensuring that the unit is locked when not entered. Quick Pack Storage Dubai is not responsible for locking unlocked units and does not hold keys for individual units.


All prices are subject to change without notice to our customers. timing coordination. Residents can enter the facility at any time during the designated hours.

Deposit Fee

The company charges a Deposit equivalent to the monthly rent at the beginning of the contract. This Deposit will be refunded or retained at the end of the contract if the Tenant fails to fulfill its obligations: At the end of the Agreement, all unit contents must be removed and left clean and tidy and in the same condition as it was on the start date. If these obligations are not met, Quick Pack Storage reserves the right to cover the equipment’s cleaning cost.

Payment Method

Full payment plus a Deposit should be made at the commencement of the contract. Checks can also cause monthly payments. Payment is due on the 1st of each month. We allow a grace period of 6 days, after which a 5% penalty will be imposed on late payments. Returned checks will incur a fee of AED 150 plus any bank charges.


The residents themselves bear the risk of storing the goods. Fire insurance can be purchased through Quick Pack Storage. Residents can arrange their insurance, and we can also recommend insurance companies on request.

Payment Defaulter

If more than thirty days have passed without payment for the services provided by Quick Pack Storage, the title to the stored goods shall pass to Quick Pack Storage. Quick Pack Storage Dubai will take action to recover the funds held by liquidating and disposing of the relevant cargo.

Restricted items

Residents are not to store improperly packaged or perishable items in the unit. It should be fully understood that Quick Pack Storage Dubai has limitations. Storage of these restricted items (listed below) is prohibited. Therefore, keeping or using such things is illegal and will be reported for legal action.

The following items may not be stored in the warehouse:

. Birds, Fish, animals, or other living things
. Firearms and Ammunition
. Explosives Toxic waste Any flammable substances (oil, paint, diesel, gas, etc.).
. Illegal drugs
. Hazardous waste and other chemicals that may affect other facility occupants are corrosive materials (batteries, acids, etc.)
. Grocery or perishable goods
. Jewelry or other valuables
. All other items are prohibited by law.

Agreement Ends

This Agreement will terminate on the Termination Date or as described in the Conditions below. Either the Resident or Quick Pack Storage Dubai may terminate this Agreement. Tenant must have fifteen (15) days notice to terminate the Agreement. Any cancellation in less than fifteen (15) days will result in prorated payment if the unit is vacant.


I am subletting, which is not permitted. Additionally, the unit must not be used as a residential or office space. Tenants are also not allowed to make structural changes to the apartment (painting, structural changes to walls and ceilings, etc.).

Online Privacy

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